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Meshiaak Announce First US Tour Supporting Testament and The Black Dahlia Murder << ALL NEWS 

Meshiaak will join The Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste in supporting Testament on the band’s Spring North American Tour. The excursion brings the band to The U.S. and Canada for the first time from their native Australia. Meshiaak’s Danny Camilleri shares, “We could not be happier to finally be coming through the United States and Canada, and what better way to do it than with Testament, Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste. You will not want to miss this tour.”

Mascot Records and the band have released an official music video for “City of Ghosts,” from their album Mask of All Misery, out now everywhere!

Dean Wells offers, “The video clip was a really fun experiment. Filming it, and directing it ourselves, we tried to capture the vibe of the song and the fun we had playing it. I think it came up great! We hope you enjoy it!” Camilleri adds, “Crank this up and bang your damn heads.” The lead music video from Mask Of All Misery was presented in late 2019 for “Bury The Bodies” which can be screened here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73QYOfVUHVY&list=RD73QYOfVUHVY&start_radio=1

The November, 2019 new studio release followed their prior release Alliance of Thieves (2016). At the time, Metal Hammer Magazine applauded its “modern power/thrash metal attack,” Powerplay in the U.K. exclaimed that the album, “bludgeons and berates the senses with incredible precision and astounding musicianship,” while Classic Rock revelled in the “mix of brooding progressive metal and heavy rock.” So, it’s no surprise then, that the band are back to continue the story and have a new member and renewed energy. Formed in Melbourne, by 4ARM’s Danny Camilleri and Teramaze’s Dean Wells with bassist Andrew Cameron, they have recruited drummer David Godfrey who replaces Jon Dette, following his departure due to logistical reasons with him being based in the US and the rest of the band in Australia.  

Mask Of All Misery is an album that journey’s through a maze of toxic influences and the masks the exponents wear. “The album deals with a lot of personal reflection and issues as well as attacking or addressing much broader issues concerning perhaps the ignorance of society in regards to what's going on around us all,” explains Camilleri. The album barely takes a breath through the ten songs and deals with personal struggles and the inner-strength to pull yourself through as well as burrowing into the dark underbelly for an album of uncompromising heaviness. However, the band have an ability to sprinkle light, adding visions of hope lyrically and strong sense of melody throughout the unrelenting power and musicianship of the four members.

The album was recorded and produced by Dean Wells at his Wells Productions studio in Melbourne with the songwriting partnership of Camilleri and Wells. With a record you can put it on and hear it, feel it even. But sometimes you really need to listen, take it in as a whole, process and think about it. Mask Of All Misery is one of those albums. “People will take what they chose to at the end of the day,” ponders Camilleri. “But, I've found by talking with a lot of fans that they do pay attention and really digest the content of our music. It's an amazing feeling when someone connects to it through hearing it and then gets even deeper because they can connect with the content as well.. goes to show you that you are never alone.”

Posted on 02/03/2020 << ALL NEWS