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No Sinner's new album Old Habits Die Hard is out now! << ALL NEWS 

No Sinner's highly anticipated new album Old Habits Die Hard is out now!
2014s Boo Hoo Hoo was a classic debut album experience from Vancouver’s powerhouse frontwoman Colleen Rennison. It was the sound of youth careening into the adventure of life with all the screaming tires and heartache yet to come down the road. It was the sound of a wild haired girl riding into the horizon on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle.
On Old Habits Die Hard, Colleen isn’t sitting on the back of the motorcycle anymore. She’s barrelling down the highway, her grip on the throttle, and you better believe you’re going to hear her coming from miles away.

1. All Woman
2. Leadfoot
3. Tryin
4. Saturday Night
5. Hollow
6. Get it Up
7. Friend of Mine
8. Fading Away
9. When the Bell Rings
10. Lines on the Highway 
11. One More Time
12. Mandy Lyn

The vinyl is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. A downloadcard is included as well.

Order your copy on CD or vinyl here.

Posted on 05/20/2016 << ALL NEWS 

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